A Thank you from our retiring Priest – Revd Paul

by StMichaels Office

It has been quite a journey! Since November 2011 it has been a deep privilege sharing the life of our North Dartmoor communities and as I said at my farewell service - where the bells and the choir and other musicians were wonderful - you have blessed me more than I have blessed you. There have been so many lovely cards and presents - not least a beautiful book of memories - that I will always treasure and be humbled by.

As the dust begins to settle on the remaining boxes here at my new Rectory at Linton (in the lowlands of the East, near Cambridge) and the spaniels and hen begin to acclimatise too, I look back on my years among you with much gratitude and so many smiles.

Thank you for the friendship, food, patience, generosity of spirit and good humour. For an excellent send-off and final service, too. In my role across the parishes, I was able to see just how much good is being done by so many people, both in the churches and outside of them, and I know that this will continue. Working together at grassroots, everyday level is such an antidote to the divided and damaged world we see around us (and often fun, too!). Thanks for taking your part in the various projects and services that I know will flourish and continue in the years to come.

Thank you, my friends and may you know God's peace and blessing for the new season ahead.

Revd. Paul

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